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The designers at Manhattan Closet Design have been creating custom closet and storage solutions for homes and apartments in Manhattan and The Boroughs for over 20 years.  No space is ever impossible to work with, and we see each as a unique challenge to design the storage solution that is perfect for the space and the purpose.  From grand walk-in closets, to compact reach-in closets, Manhattan Closet can design the exact storage unit that meets your storage needs and your home’s square footage.

Quality in Craftsmanship

As a customer of Manhattan Closet Design you can expect not only the most detailed and creative of closet design plans, but also the most durable storage unit built from only the highest quality and longest-lasting materials available.  All of our closets are custom-built in our workshop by our team of experienced builders with every attention to detail and design.  This combination of only the best in materials and craftsmanship ensures that each of our closets and storage units are built to provide you with years of dependable use.

Experts in Installation

The designs have been finalized, the perfect materials have been chosen, and the builders at Manhattan Closet Design have constructed the closets to your exact specifications.  The final step is for our installation team to put the finishing touches on your storage unit and complete the installation in your home.  Our crew’s commitment to proper installation means the job gets done right the first time.  Your storage unit will be installed securely, safely and quickly, leaving behind no mess for you to clean up.  This means that you can begin enjoying your new closet or storage unit immediately after it is installed.

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